A Wasp Nest That Looks Like Something From a Nightmare

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Redditor CountBubs posted this photo of an abandoned Wasp nest that looks like something straight out of a nightmare. According to the caption, his father found it in his shed that he hadn’t been in for a couple years. And the human head is actually a part of a wooden statue the nest’s merged with.

nightmarish wasp nest

(via io9, and Reddit)


Dead Hard Drives Transformed into Gorgeous Clocks


The creatives behind TEcoArt, an Etsy shop that sells clocks handcrafted from recycled computers, made these gorgeous one-of-a-kind analog clocks using parts from dead hard drives. The shiny dial of each clock is hard drive’s actual disk platter and the rest is made up of other hard drive parts and various computer components such as RAMs and graphics cards.

hard drive clock by teco art

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In Japan, Some Crows Build Their Nests Out of Clothes Hangers!

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Apparently in some areas of Japan, crows have discovered wire clothes hangers as a suitable building materials for their nests. According to some witnesses, these crows steal the hangers from the laundry racks in their neighbourhood. Though the exact reason for this interesting scenario is uncertain, it’s amazing to see how these intelligent birds has managed to use an unconventional nesting material like this to craft something that is usually built out of twigs and other natural materials in such an intricate manner.

crow nest built from clothes hangers

The photograph shown here has been taken at Kyushu University in Fukuoka City. The credit goes to Brian G. Kennedy who also mentions that these hanger nests could sometimes result in large blackouts when built atop power polls and pylons.

Hat Tip: Oddity Central
Photo credit: Brian G. Kennedy


MilkChain – Another Elegant Milk Carton Lampshade by Gilbert de Rooij


Gilbert de Rooij of upcycleDZINE (previously) has again come up with another elegant lampshade made from plastic milk containers . Called ‘MilkChain‘, the new piece is made up of interlocking plastic segments made from strips cut out from the middle section of discarded milk containers.

milkchain - milk carton lampshade by gilbert de rooij

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Furniture Set Crafted Entirely From Reclaimed Storage Crates

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Brooklyn-based design studio Autumn Workshop used reclaimed storage crates to craft this entire furniture set. Composed of 4 chairs, a bench, and an ottoman, the set is completely fabricated from cut-off pieces from the original crates, no extra wood has been used in the process. According to the designers, the only new components were some piano hinges and Masonite for the drawers, and a pin to hold the lid of the back storage in place.

reclaimed storage crate furniture

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Artist Makes Carvings on Goose Egg Shells and Turns Them into Beautiful Sculptures


Poland-based artist Piotr Bockenheim takes goose egg shells and transforms these fragile structures into beautiful sculpture pieces by carving intricate patterns on them using a tiny electric drill.

goose egg shell carving by piotr bockenheim

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