Johammer J1 – An Electric Motorcycle With Unconventional Styling

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Johammer J1 is an electric-powered chopper with unconventional styling. It is also the first serial electric motorcycle to reach a range beyond 200 kilometers (120 miles) on a single charge thanks to the newly developed cutting-edge battery system housed within the stylish aluminium fairing.

johammer j1 electric motorcycle (1)

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‘Ark Hotel’ Is a Coastal Building That Can Float When Sea Levels Rise


Created by Russian architecture firm Remistudio, ‘Ark Hotel‘ is a waterproof building design for coastal areas that can stay afloat in the event of a rise in sea level. Designed to handle tough weather conditions, the building has enough displacement to keep the entire structure afloat, and is capable of staying stable during heavy winds and storms thanks to the oval shape and the large area.

'ark hotel' building design concept by remistudio

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‘Bamboo Forest’ Furniture by Poetic Lab

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bamboo forest furniture

Bamboo Forest‘ is a series of eight pieces of furniture created by London-based studio Poetic Lab that are made up of bamboo stalks integrated with glass elements. In order to prevent bamboo from cracking due to different humidity, they are using a cost-effective process they’ve created to reinforce bamboo stem’s physical properties while keeping the aesthetic of the raw material intact. (Via Dailytonic)



Solar-Powered Lamps That Can Move Like Robots


solar-powered lamps that can move like robots

Invented by designer Bob de Graaf, these two robotic gadgets called ‘Darwin‘ and ‘Wallace‘ are robotic solar-powered lamps that are capable of performing autonomous movements. Darwin is a desk lamp on wheels that scoots around searching for sunlight to charge its battery during the daytime. In the evening it moves around the house to provide us with light. And, Wallace is a lamp that hangs from the ceiling and capable of responding to the changes in light intensity in the surrounding and lighting up the dark areas. Collectively referred to as ‘Species of Illumination‘, both lamps are capable of interacting with you just like pets by responding to your motions. For instance, you can simply grab the gadget’s attention by waving your hand in front of them. Watch the video to see for yourselves. (Via Co.Design)



Three Different Chairs Made Using Parts From a Single Washing Machine

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washing machine chairs

This video tutorial and instructions over on Instructables shows how you can use the parts from a single washing machine to make three different chairs. A great way to recycle old malfunctioning washing machines. (Via Recyclart)



Empty Booze Bottles Repurposed into Unique Hookahs


empty booze bottles repurposed into unique hookahs

Etsy shop TheHOOKAHolic sells unique hookahs made from empty bottles of booze. See more cool hookah designs over on etsy. (Via Lost at E Minor)