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Making Electricity Using High Wind Pressure Generated by Trains


Moving train

Did you know that an extremely high air pressure is created on the front surface of an engine of a moving train?

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Santosh Pradhan…

An entrepreneur from India claims to have crafted a technique to harness this wind pressure from moving trains to generate electricity.

How much power?

There are 14,300 trains operating daily on 63,000 route kilometers of railway in India. Pradhan claims that the technique would be capable of producing 1,481,000 megawatt (MW) of power in India alone.

How much power from wind pressure


The wind pressure from a moving train can be harnessed using turbo-chargers and impellers. The compressed air can then be directed to the roof of the train and then accumulated in large fabricated tanks placed on either side of the track where it is used to rotate turbines or air turbine motors, which can be converted by generators to produce a large amount of electricity.

Electricity generation

The technology is expected to contribute to the cause of the environment as it helps to reduce carbon emissions and also assists the government in saving on fuel too…

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via : Energy Harvesting Journal


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