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Biodegradable Potty Made Out of Waste Plant Fibers!


Eco-friendly becopotty

Of course you knew this was on the cards. We have reached that stage where everything from laying some cable to getting laid is going green! What we have here is a biodegradable potty that will go straight from supporting your baby’s bum to supporting the growth of your flowers in your garden!


Is what it’s called and it’s a product of Becothings, designers of fun and eco-friendly alternatives to everyday products.
Becothings logo

What is it made of?

Waste plant fibers (that is bamboo and rice husks which are left over products from farming) are exclusively used in designing these potties. Consequently they are completely biodegradable or compostable!
It's made of waste plant fibers

A word on the design…

Comfort was foremost in mind when these ergonomically designed potties were developed. A high back offers great support and there is a large splash guard that will ensure that your kid’s potty training is hygienic.

Baby hygiene

Image credit: baby.lovetoknow.com

About the durability?

They can be used in your home for years and when your baby is done with it, all you have to do is take it out into the garden, drill a couple of holes in the bottom to let the moisture through, dig a hole in the ground and bury it.

It will soon become part of the earth and support the growth of all those beautiful flowers in your garden.

How to discard this biodegradable potty

And it’s a winner too!

The eco-friendly Becopotty is also the winner of the silver medal in the Best New Innovation category at the annual Mother & Baby Awards in 2009!

Images and news via: Bebeco.co.uk


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