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The ‘Flying Greenhouse’ of France


Flying greenhouse in France

What you are seeing here is a photograph of ‘flying greenhouse’, a massive invention by a French street theater Company called “La Machine. It is designed as a giant tripod which carries the plants on suspended platforms. By the way this is the latest project of the creator, ‘La machine’ who has a remarkable history of making similar things in the past as well.

This spring, a War of the Worlds-scale tripod carrying verdant laboratories on suspended platforms showed up in Nantes in western France. It was just the latest massive art-tech project from street theater company La Machine, which has been startling Europeans with giant robots for more than a decade. Before the “flying greenhouse,” there was the 50-foot-tall spider on the side of a building in Liverpool. And, of course, there was the 50-ton wooden elephant that roamed the streets of Nantes in 2005.

Via: Wired


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