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Pink Handfish – A Newly Discovered Species of Handfish


Newly discovered Pink Handfish species

Pink handfishes are unique in their ability to use their fins to walk over the ocean floor rather than swim.  All of the 14 known species of these handfishes are found in shallow waters off southeastern Australia.

It’s been over ten years…

Since the last pink handfish was spotted. However the organisms were considered to be a new species only very recently.

The following features helped classify these fishes…

  1. Coloration
  2. Presence of scales and spines
  3. Number of vertebrae and fin rays
  4. Body measurements

Very little is known about the biology and behavior of these elusive fishes and only four specimens of the ten-centimeter pink handfish have ever been discovered, all of them from around Hobart, Australia.

Via: National Geoghraphic


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