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Energy Efficient LCD Projectors from Sony

VPL-FX500L Business LCD Projectors from Sony electronics

VPL-FX500L Business Projector (Image via: Gizmag)

Sony has been on the forefront of electronics for a long time now. So it is a tried and trusted name that commands a lot of loyalty among its customers. Two recent additions to their portfolio, in the form of LCD projectors have done a fair bit to underline the company’s commitment towards developing more efficient, greener products.

The two new models…

Are a part of the Bright Era 3LCD business projector series and they are the VPL-FX500L and VPL-FX30.

The feature list of these new products include…

  1. XGA resolution (1024 x 768)
  2. Lamps and filters that last longer
  3. Impressive lens shift capabilities
  4. High-brightness performance etc.

They cater to different markets…

The FX500L is designed for large screen applications and are ideal for large lecture halls and auditoriums while the FX30 is better suited for classrooms, boardrooms and meeting rooms.

What is eco-friendly about these products?

  1. They utilize a special inorganic technology that will ensure a longer life span than previous models. This technology will also enable the projectors tolerate harsh light conditions better
  2. An efficient lamp technology that will result in 5000 hours in standard mode
  3. A hybrid filter that can last for about 10,000 hours of usage.
  4. The FX30 employs a lower wattage lamp in addition to an economy mode and a power saving mode that can be accessed by a remote
  5. An overall lower power consumption even with a high-brightness performance

The two products are expected to be available by June/July of 2010.

Via: Gizmag


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