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A Revolutionary Way of Farming through AeroFarm Urban Agricultural Systems!

Aerofarms aeroponic system

Aerofarms's aeroponic system (Image via: Gizmag)

The pressure to meet increasing food demands has forced the farming industry to explore new and more effective alternatives to traditional farming. Aeroponics used in AeroFarm systems, is a technique now growing in popularity precisely for this reason.

What is Aeroponics?

A farming method that uses no growing medium such as soil and instead employs a reusable cloth growing medium.  Water is used to disperse the nutrients through the plant.

What’s different in an AeroFarm system?

They use LED lights so that uniform light for growth can be provided and the LED units can be stacked for efficient usage of space. This system is most suited for leafy greens and herbs and to grow vegetation in urban environments.

The environment is an obvious beneficiary too…

AeroFarm systems require less space and 20% less water than in traditional farming, which is also 80% less than in hydroponics. There’s little threat from pests and as a result no pesticides are used, so there is little risk of pollution of water ways.

Diagram of AeroFarm system (Image via: Gizmag)

How will the consumer be benefited?

  1. Longer shelf-life of produce will increase convenience and save money
  2. Pesticide-free products obviously good for one’s health
  3. A 20-33% return on investment which is financially quite appealing as well.

Any limitations?

Significant energy usage due to the requirement of artificial lights. To offset this disadvantage AeroFarm companies now employ LED lights as mentioned before and these lights are clearly more energy-efficient than high pressure sodium (HPS) lamps.

Via: Gizmag


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