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Solar Powered Ice-Cream Vending Cart?

Solar-powered cooling machine

(Image via: Yanko design)

At first mention, the term Solar Cool sounds contradictory. For anything associated with the sun, cool is the last thing it could be. However, designed by Aija Golubeva, what we are going to tell you about now is the perfect ‘green’ alternative for your regular mobile ice-cream vending cart and at least in this instance ‘Solar Cool’ makes perfect sense!

Solar powered cooling machine?

What you see in the image is a tricycle by appearance and a cooling machine by function. And what’s more, the cooling power of this vehicle is enabled by the energy of the sun.


As you can imagine there are solar panels embedded in the design that are connected to solar charge regulators. On an especially sunny day this machine can generate about 35W of electricity. So in essence… the hotter the day, the cooler will your ice-cream be!

About the design…

The modified tricycle frame serves the dual function of supporting the cooling unit and the solar panels. The cooling container has a volume of about 40 liters. The seat is reversible and the vehicle is also equipped with a canapé and side panels that can be used for advertising.

ice cream tricycle

(Image via: Yanko Design)

When the sun goes down…

And there’s obviously no natural source of energy for electricity generation, the cooling unit can be removed and connected to a regular power supply since the unit needs 64W of energy every few hours in order to maintain the temperature inside constant.

Via: Yanko Design


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