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Creepy Shoes Faces


Old Shoes Transformed into Creepy Faces

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scary clay faces

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Now most of them are creepy, but they all once existed as beautiful pairs of shoes. However (and luckily), after getting old and ugly, they have been given a wonderful opportunity that most of their friends usually don’t get. Thanks to “Gwen Murphy” and her amazing skills, now all of those worn out shoes are enjoying another form of life, not again as fashionable accessories, but as beautiful works of art, which involves nothing, but to stay… creepy!!

‘Gwen’ uses ash clay and acrylic paint to give both shoes in a pair an exactly similar face, eyes and lips, which means every face comes with an identical twin. Surprisingly, at a glance, no can really guess these essentially are pairs of shoes.

I wonder if ’Gwen’ sells these items. If she does I would be happy to buy one, but I’d rather keep them out of my bedroom.

Artist – Gwen Murphy Home (Thank You!)

creepy face sculpture

scary shoe sculptures

ash clay art

foot with blood

red shoe face

purple colored sculpture

art wooden finishing

one eyed man

mouth open man

brown human faces

[Reference: Odditycentral.com]

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