The environment is in our hands.

Welcome to the new home of the “Environment Team”. We are a community of involved volunteers who are interested in the preservation and improvement of the Earth. We are not attached to any religious groups in specific and promote the ideas of oneself. You may find information on meditation, yoga, and self-awareness here as well. Not only do we want to focus on the environment of the earth, but the environment of your body inside it.

Our blog will be the mainly used interface within the website, but we will be posting in our image gallery as well over-time. You can always contact us if you are interested in guest writing, wether you are looking for more exposure or just an outlet to share your thoughts and creations, we are the place to be. We will always stay ad free and expect to reflect that on our ability to provide a machine that runs itself on creative energy and great content. Please be sure to watch out for any updates as we will begin a hiring process pretty soon.

Other than that enjoy the content currently on the site, and SURELY expect more!

Be sure to watch the video below outlining some of the ideas we’d like to share with you: