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City Aquatic Transport (CAT) – Urban Transportation on Water

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City Aquatic transport (CAT) is a fleet of multipurpose electric vehicles that occupy the waterways running through the busy areas of the city, helping daily commuters avoid the traffic congestion. Accessing into the CAT system is as simple as having a personal account. Once signed up, users can simply pre-book or directly order a craft online or by dialing the number of a conveniently placed dock around the city. Payments can be done on monthly basis or you can pay-as-you-go.

Each CAT vehicle gives passengers a choice to either manually drive or auto-drive the craft. As for the interior, it is designed to accommodate four people at once. Seats are rotatable (360 degree) and are arranged in a diamond formation. At the center of this arrangement is a pull out table for the convenience of the passengers. Moreover, it has other onboard amenities such as Wi-Fi and power sockets.

According to the designers, CAT can also be used in other industries as well.  For instance, CAT could be your next-generation home office, business meeting place or else a place where tourist can enjoy the city. Possibilities are endless!

Designer – Cal Craven from curvecreative www.curvecreative.co | www.ideleven.com


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