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ECHO Spin – Kinetic Powered Mobile Phone with Dual GUIs

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ECHO SPIN is a conceptual mobile phone that is powered by the kinetic energy of its user. Once the device runs out of juice, just turn the back of the device, press the button, then spin the circular line. Following these simple steps would simply recharge the phone.

In addition, the concept features two types of detachable battery types. Type1 = A metal colored one, Type 2 = A black colored one. Fit the black colored battery and you will be presented with a user interface (GUI) exclusively designed for business purposes. Alternatively, you can use the metal colored one and turn the UI into echo mode. This way, users are offered with two IU options which you can choose from depending on the situation at the moment.

Designer - Jung-woo Choi www.jungwoochoi.com | Coroflot Profile

(Thank you Jung-woo!)

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