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Volkswagen Aqua – Futuristic All-Terrain Vehicle

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Volkswagen Aqua is a futuristic all-terrain vehicle that resembles a modern day hovercraft (air-cushion vehicle); may it be ice, land or water, Aqua is capable of travelling anywhere with a certain adjustable ground clearance. The vehicle does this by lifting itself up in the air by means of the force of a high air pressure created by an impeller located under the chassis.

Aqua is powered by several engines and features an electric drive train powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. The main engine is responsible for juicing up the impeller while the rest of the engines provide thrust to propel the craft.

Designed by Chinese design student Yuhan Zhang, this project was shortlisted at the CDN Car Design Awards China.

Designer - Yuhan Zhang

flying hovercraft

hovercraft model

Volkswagen Aqua

all-terrain concept vehicle

futuristic all-terrain vehicle

ice vehicle

air cushion vehicle

hovercraft prototype

water craft design


aqua details

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aqua details 2

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