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Backyard Furniture Made from Old Truck Tire

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It’s a known fact that tires are manufactured with certain qualities which make them capable of withstanding even the toughest environmental and road condition and providing comfortable and a smooth ride. And, that is why they are extremely difficult to be recycled too; however, the same qualities could make them an excellent raw material, especially for making certain things like furniture.

According to Carl Menary’s design one can make durable and comfortable backyard furniture simple by transforming an old tire. Here, in his design, Carl uses a discarded truck tire and uses 2 recycled wheel bolt assemblies to fix it in a fashion that allows one to comfortably sit on it. In addition, the designer suggests the application of natural carnauba wax to prevent it from being subjected to UV degradation.

Even though it has a simple shape, the chair could offer three seating surfaces. (Please see the 4th diagram). However, the design is just a concept, but still very innovative… and kinda practical too.

Designer - Carl Menary Coroflot Profile (Thank You!)

repurposed truck tire

backyard furniture

tire furniture

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chair furniture design

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