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iBamboo for iPhone


Electricity-Free Bamboo Speakers for iPhone 4

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Invented by Brooklyn-based designer Anatoliy Omelchenko, “iBamboo” is an electricity-free speaker for iPhone 4. Designed to be simple, both aesthetically and functionally, the speaker is essentially a foot long piece of natural bamboo. All you have to do is place the Apple device in the precision-cut at the top which docks the phone in place and turn the music ON. The sound produced from the iPhone’s built-in speakers will be then be amplified by the natural resonance of the bamboo and move in two directions simultaneously, intensifying the stereo effect created by the iPhone. Check out the video

The manufacturing process of the device involves machining, laser cutting and giving the finishing touch by the hand. This makes the process fast, efficient and eco-friendly, and since the designer himself creates them, it takes a little amount of resources and energy.

Apart from the sustainable characteristics, natural bamboo offers other physical advantages to the device, such as increased strength and more flexibility than plastic and some metals.


Support iBamboo Project on Kickstarter

Projected Price - 25-30 US$

Designer - Anatoliy Omelchenko

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