Which Nail Has The Best Taste?

Dab Nails Are Getting Competitive

Dabbing has caught on fast and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. This form of consumption offers the advantage of an instantaneous high that lasts a whole lot longer than any other ingestion method. Another welcome advantage is the ability to get high faster, and for longer, on a minimal amount of wax which is also known as shatter or budder; names associated with the method of the cannabis concentrate extraction. Just before you get to enjoy a dab, there are tools that are required, varying in types and prize, and one of the essential tools required is the nail. Dabbing praise is universal but the choice of the nail boils down to preference; below we seek to answer the question, which nail has the best taste?

And now with more technology arising the environment is kept a safer place.

Electric dab nails also need to be taken into consideration upon your selection of one of these. Typically heating sources will work best with quartz or titanium nails, but it is quite possible to do so with just about any type.

Here are some of the best electric dab nails on the market.

Titanium nail

This is the most common nail and anyone who has dabbed has probably had an encounter with the Titanium nail. Its appeal comes from its ability to withstand long periods of heating at high temperatures without cracking and how well the heat distributes on the nail. The type of metal, the Titanium nail also retains heat better than most nails in the market which any dabber will tell you is a big advantage as you get to savor your dab. While the Titanium nail has advantages with its placement on the periodic table, e.g. not releasing harmful gasses when subjected to high temperatures, it also has some disadvantages. The nail compromises the flavor of the oil and you can taste metal in your dab.

Quartz nail

The quartz nail is the crown jewel of dab nails. Its ability to with stand high amounts of heat means that it can serve you for a much longer time with the added advantage of being hardy enough to withstand an accidental drop. The quartz nail lets your marijuana palate enjoy every terpene molecule contained in your dab in its purest form. The only down side of the quartz nails is its inability to retain heat since it’s made of quartz crystals.

Ceramic nail

The ceramic nail should only be used by the most cautious dabbers as dropping it will bring your dabbing session to an abrupt stop as you watch you nail to break into tiny little pieces, this, however, serves as an advantage as the fragile ceramic makes for one of the best heat spread materials which means less wax and heat is needed and you get to enjoy much more of the terpene. Cleaning of this nail is also very easy.

Glass nail

The feeblest of the lot, the glass nail is great for flavor retention and you will enjoy your dab in pure form if the nail is cleaned properly before your dab. But true to its nature, the glass nail requires caution when using as even heating of the nail for too long will cause it to break. It is however very easy to clean and is a good nail if you can learn how to control your torch. While some dabbers swear by the Titanium nail, the Quartz nail has much better taste and offers added advantages but again, the choice of nail all boils down to personal taste.


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